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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Every year on valentines day i put up a post on what my view on valentines day is. there was one year i went virally cynical and was reminded by one of my juniors that valentines day is not just for love between two people, it's for love in general. any kind of love, the best kind and the worst kind. then there was the year i deemed it a money hungry scheme where $1.50 roses became $8 a stalk. and everywhere dining restaurant in the world was finding some way or another to package some kind of couple experience that they usually would not have. usually throwing in some perks like complimentary rose and chocolates for the lady. however, since the age has come to such reliance on the internet and we find ourselves having to unsubscribe from mailing lists that we never even joined, i decided to browse through all the valentines dining deals this year that i was receiving in my mail. i found my favorite deal, no doubt it is only for the extremely wealthily well-endowed, it served its purpose for greater amusement.

Did you know that SwissĂ´tel The Stamford had a helipad? i sure as didnt. this whole helipad deal becoming a little bit overrated, no?
 So what do you get on this helipad date, almost a date in the sky, or close anyway. you get to spend time with your other half at 226m above ground (scary much? i hope the helipad had handles to hold on to). now comes your first perk, you get a glass of champagne while you gaze at singapore's stunning skyline (at that height, you could probably see indonesia's or malaysia's skyline too depending where you're facing). this happens only for one night, which is kinda funny because valentines day is a tuesday night, so you would think that they would extend it a few more days to make money, then again, if you can afford this, you probably dont have to go into work on wednesday. so moving on, you get a 12 course set dinner by chef julien royer, i'm assuming if you can afford this, you would probably know who he is because they say his name like his food is a selling point. more perks, two bottles of Dom PĂ©rignon Champagne (thats a bottle a person), a bouquet of 99 roses, jewelry set consisting of a diamond necklace, a pair of earrings and a bracelet worth $5300, one-night's stay at the executive club room (so go get drunk, you dont have to go home tonight). you also get a 120 min couple spa treatment at willow stream spa (again, it is said like its supposed to be a selling point), and lastly, limousine transfer to and from the hotel. so i'm pretty sure that your eyes nearly pop out when you saw the price of the jewelry, and i'm sure all of you know what it cost to get 99 roses that you did not put together yourself, so you must be dying to know how much all this cost. a smashing $9999. look at that, at least it's less than $10000! (i'm actually rather surprised they didnt throw in a tiara somewhere, since it's all about making the woman feel like a princess. heh)
but as the website says, fret not, if you feel its too much to spend on what night, or your date's just not worth all that, you can opt for a 9 course set dinner instead, cooked by an unknown chef apparently, at the restaurant itself, JAAN. its just a few floors below the glorious helipad, and you get a complimentary glass of champagne. thats it, just one glass. all that for $660.

 you could say that i'm cynical because i cant afford it, but i'll be damned with myself if this was my idea of a date if i could. money or no money, i stand by the law that watching movies at home and eating microwaved pizzas are the way to go. but dont let me stop all of you with the money for it, just remember to bring some of that champagne back and let me know how it went, without all the gruesome details.

 finally, it's been 8 years since i last had a boyfriend on valentines day, and as much as society has overrated the occasion, i still very much feel for it and its beginnings, looking forward to giving bunny his present and spending the 18th with him, even if we just stand and stare at each other the whole day. (yes, we cant celebrate on the 14th because like i said, it's a freaking tuesday) sending love to all of you. whether you're a double or a single, you're allowed to celebrate as long as someone loves you. and if no one does, then i do, just so you don't feel too sad today. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY <3<3<3

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Monday, January 9, 2012

first day of school, and surprise surprise, there's already so much that has to be done. pity, the only thing i really would like to do right now is to go back to sleep. but i'm up, surprisingly ahead of usual schedule, i have my coffee flask waiting on the table, oh so professional, and in about 15 mins i intend to charge out into this new week in a blaze of glory. hah! praying i do not fall on my face.

the study room looks impressive, well, for most part. i stuck it out to the end, its roaring for a brand new start. i dont think i have ever thrown so many things away in my life. next thing to do is to move on to the fairly obstructed chest of drawers in the bedroom. that's going to be another week long affair, esp now that school has started.

all in all, i think this year is finally beginning and its going to be great, i don't think i have ever stepped into another year where everything was going well from the start. it's not a year that involves revamping oneself and starting a new. i actually do not need a fresh start this year, i'm going into the year with a loving man, on great terms with the family, and no one in my class hates me yet; at least i don't think. so yea, i can actually say "life is good" and mean it for once.

you got it, i'm just peachy! :D

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

and this is how life looks like on the otherside. the otherside of the new year that is.


i have realised that if i want to blog, i cant be so incredibly inconsistent with it. blogging requires commitment. blah blah blah. you know, i havent decided just yet if i really want to blog or not. whatever the case, ushering in the new year was perfect, watchnight service with the family, a late night/early morning date with the love after. the first 3 days of the new year have embarked onto a rocking start.

i feel this is the year to settle down. no, i do not mean get married although, considering that finances are the only thing standing in our way, maybe we will get a big pre-wedding gift and actually get married. boy, that would be nice. i mean settling down in the sense as with myself. no, i am not marrying myself, not going to go all sue sylvester on anyone. learning the hard lesson of living within my means, not constantly taking advantage of the fact that i live under my parents roof. i'm 24 and studying, albeit all that, but it still doesnt warrant me to live like i'm 14. my parents pay for enough, i reckon. and i can do my part. determined to get my license by july, simply because my final theory test is one horror that i do not want to repeat. and that expires in july, and conveniently enough, so does my renewed PDL.

apart from that, i'm starting my own class with another studio. giving the chance to take control. and that will be one heck of a learning experience, i'm so grateful to have friends like miss tay and miss prawn to help me with a lot of the nitty gritty stuff. and of course the support for my wonderful family and the love of my life. its been a rocking start and i believe its going to be a rocking year. :)

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Friday, December 2, 2011

It's been a good day in Nagaland. Had some interesting run-ins at the domestic airport in Kolkata. A lady officer tried speaking to me in 3 different languages but it meet occurred to her to try English. I always knew that the day will come when my lack of knowledge in being Indian will come back to bite me in the ass, today was the day. Apart from that, I had chicken tikka and papadum today, and just like every other cuisine, Indian food taste tens times better in India.

Nagaland is a beautiful place, definitely 3rd world but it doesn't bother you. Or it doesn't bother me anyway. The weather is beautiful and the people are nice. They look like they could be from china or Thailand or Korea or even the Philippines, very few actually look like what we perceive as Indian. The nagas have 18 major languages and the one I heard today, sounded very much like a cross between all the mandarin dialect groups with a hint of Korean punctuation. As you can tell, still lost in translation at times, but close to everyone speaks English here as well, so I'm very much grateful.

The place we are at now is Aiers Enclave, it's really nice, and has free wifi, which is why I get to blog. However, there is absolutely no cell reception in Nagaland. Even the pastor who invited us only has cell reception as far as the rest of India. It's really like coming to a place where you cannot contact the outside world, hur hur. Never been so grateful for wifi or a phone that supports wifi. Also, the day ends really early here, which is not a bad thing because it feels like its going according to singapore time, and it goes pitch black really early. No one uses signals on the road and headlights are used at night to let pedestrians know that a car is coming because the pedestrians are walking in darkness. I've also seen many dogs, really cute and odd cross breeds as well as baby goats and cows.

So that's my first day in Nagaland. Andrea is having a blast in Korea, apparently all they did today was walk and eat. And mum and her reiterate that it's incredibly cold, so much so that smoke comes out of their mouths when they talk. She also saw Kim soo hyun at the airport, Sam dong from dream high, they took the same plane. Pity his manager said he couldn't take a picture, and he was so apologetically cute about it too. Haha. Glad she's having a blast.

I miss my boyfriend, miss my sister, miss my mummy, and having a great time here with my daddy. Time to go to sleep. See if my dad needs help with anything. Here's a picture of what love looks like from Nagaland. Night <3

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am in India. Out of all my life of being half Indian, I never thought for one moment that I would actually be in india. It's interesting. Im currently at a little stop over inn in Kolkata. And fly off again tmr to another part of the country.

I'm here with my dad, so this will also be the first time I'm travelling alone with him. It should be pretty fun I reckon. Gonna sleep now and keep this updated as much as I can.

Btw, my Christmas shopping is not done, and neither have my sermons actually been structurally written out, talk about procrastination!

Good night! Love you bunny boy <3

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