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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

you know what?! i have readers. haha. thank you tina, you have inspired me to bring you more. :D

i'm about to write sermon notes for my first two sermons that will ever be told. i'm getting sermon central help, but so not the point. then i'll be on to my packing list and tons of packing. and down to a little something special for the boyfriend before we part ways until the 10th of december. i love it when my holidays literally kick-off whilst on holiday, i.e overseas.

so the itinerary, Nagaland (in the himalayas, closer to india), then i come back then off to penang and seremban (malaysia). i reckon it's going to be a good 22 days, then i'm back in singapore for christmas.

i have not blogged for a while, and yes, i promise to be more efficient, esp now that i know this thing actually gets read. just some updates, i didn't win singtel casting call, or i would be very rich right now. hah! i have a potential teaching job currently in discussion, if that goes through, i will be set to teach for a long long time. really looking forward to that. i declared my holiday slightly earlier than when it actually happened (something i do not recommend). and my relationship is slightly hilly but all is still good. i'm in it for the long haul. been wrecking myself for sermons (when i say wrecking, i really mean procrastinating). i've finished all my back log shows (thus the procrastination), and i'm back on track, in time to end the year proper. gonna christmas shop tonight too, everything's online this year, again. so i'll post up pictures of what has been bought and do some website advertising later on. much love everyone, i'm aiming to sleep at 12am tonight because i'm having the sneezles again and i really deathly want to be in top form for the day out tmr and the flight. look out for my advertising post. cheers :D

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tonight's the last showing of PICNIC and i have realized that technicians do not hold much regard for the productions that they are on, unless they had some immense stake in it. well, that's for me anyway. as a performer, having to experience the end of a running show was always slightly devastating.

i like to think of theatre practitioners as butterflies. it takes an incredibly long time, and a lot of hard work to get to where we want to be on opening night, and then it finally happens, we birth out into a beautiful end-product. however, just like the life span of butterflies, the beautiful end-product shuts down after a short run (anything apart from forever is considered short).

even though it's the same for the practitioners on-stage and the practitioners off-stage, i've come to realize that back-stage practitioners move on a lot quicker than on-stage practitioners. maybe it's because we have less of an emotional stake in the production, but i don't think that's right. sometimes, i feel we have more of a stake, because there are times we put our lives on the line to put a production together.
another concept, every show is different for a performer, however, i reckon, unless your the designer of some section of the show, every show demands the same attention from the theatre technicians. here goes my new slogan (remember, it doesnt apply to you if you're a designer): different theatre, different show, same wonderful wonderful job.
[boy do i love what i do!]

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Wake up in the morning felling, well, really sleepy.
Onto another long, tiring, money-draining day. Lest my driving lesson be fruitful today, lest I not be told that I'm going to fail my test yet again. Heh.
Can't wait for this week to be over, then I go on to another hectic week, but that is really not the point. Things could be worse, I might actually need to go for classes at 9am everyday, oh wait, I still do. Heh.
Lost my student pass, need to get that replaced, lost the concession that I put in it, $50 worth, heh. Need passport size photos for my driving and for my new student pass. Need money to keep topping up my card, need money to survive, driving is sucking me dry. Sigh, I might actually need to resort to asking for more money. Lest it be granted and I do not need to have so much explaining to do.

And to bathe I go, but first.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

wow. blogger. haha. old school much. i haven't been on this since last year, i think. maybe it will be good for me, you know, to blog. i don't think anyone will actually read any of this, but like the tag line says, "because my thoughts have to go somewhere".
so this blog is all cleared out and super renewed and recharged. ok, not entirely, but still, heh. i wonder what happened to blogging, it used to be such a big thing. blogger used to be blogspot and my gosh that was a big thing. if you didnt have a blogspot account, you were a loser. hah! gone are those days.

okay, so some updates on my life to kick of this new-old blog of mine. i'm now 23, oh so old, and for the first time in my life, i am happily attached to a wonderful man. and for another first in my life, i love what i'm doing in school. studying technical theatre, being in an arts school, having a loving boyfriend, about to get my driver's license, i hope. life has not been better. however, it seems like it has hit some kind of lull, i dont get to dance very much, more like at all, because i just never have the time. and when i do have the time, i'm either too tired or broke. it's horrible. but once the driving is out of the way, i really pray i pass, things will lighten up, i hope. in the meantime, to take the lull away, i've decided to take part in competitions and try new things, possibly waitressing and actualy singing and learning the guitar. here's to taking the lull away, "cheers".

right now, i'm sitting in the control room and staring at the ligthting board wait to hear LX Q5-GO! and follow out my undying duty to press the GO button of the board. exciting huh?! ok, not really, but the teching was exciting, installing wall plugs from scratch, exhilarating. i hear the stand by. be back soon. much love xx

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