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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tonight's the last showing of PICNIC and i have realized that technicians do not hold much regard for the productions that they are on, unless they had some immense stake in it. well, that's for me anyway. as a performer, having to experience the end of a running show was always slightly devastating.

i like to think of theatre practitioners as butterflies. it takes an incredibly long time, and a lot of hard work to get to where we want to be on opening night, and then it finally happens, we birth out into a beautiful end-product. however, just like the life span of butterflies, the beautiful end-product shuts down after a short run (anything apart from forever is considered short).

even though it's the same for the practitioners on-stage and the practitioners off-stage, i've come to realize that back-stage practitioners move on a lot quicker than on-stage practitioners. maybe it's because we have less of an emotional stake in the production, but i don't think that's right. sometimes, i feel we have more of a stake, because there are times we put our lives on the line to put a production together.
another concept, every show is different for a performer, however, i reckon, unless your the designer of some section of the show, every show demands the same attention from the theatre technicians. here goes my new slogan (remember, it doesnt apply to you if you're a designer): different theatre, different show, same wonderful wonderful job.
[boy do i love what i do!]

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