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Friday, December 2, 2011

It's been a good day in Nagaland. Had some interesting run-ins at the domestic airport in Kolkata. A lady officer tried speaking to me in 3 different languages but it meet occurred to her to try English. I always knew that the day will come when my lack of knowledge in being Indian will come back to bite me in the ass, today was the day. Apart from that, I had chicken tikka and papadum today, and just like every other cuisine, Indian food taste tens times better in India.

Nagaland is a beautiful place, definitely 3rd world but it doesn't bother you. Or it doesn't bother me anyway. The weather is beautiful and the people are nice. They look like they could be from china or Thailand or Korea or even the Philippines, very few actually look like what we perceive as Indian. The nagas have 18 major languages and the one I heard today, sounded very much like a cross between all the mandarin dialect groups with a hint of Korean punctuation. As you can tell, still lost in translation at times, but close to everyone speaks English here as well, so I'm very much grateful.

The place we are at now is Aiers Enclave, it's really nice, and has free wifi, which is why I get to blog. However, there is absolutely no cell reception in Nagaland. Even the pastor who invited us only has cell reception as far as the rest of India. It's really like coming to a place where you cannot contact the outside world, hur hur. Never been so grateful for wifi or a phone that supports wifi. Also, the day ends really early here, which is not a bad thing because it feels like its going according to singapore time, and it goes pitch black really early. No one uses signals on the road and headlights are used at night to let pedestrians know that a car is coming because the pedestrians are walking in darkness. I've also seen many dogs, really cute and odd cross breeds as well as baby goats and cows.

So that's my first day in Nagaland. Andrea is having a blast in Korea, apparently all they did today was walk and eat. And mum and her reiterate that it's incredibly cold, so much so that smoke comes out of their mouths when they talk. She also saw Kim soo hyun at the airport, Sam dong from dream high, they took the same plane. Pity his manager said he couldn't take a picture, and he was so apologetically cute about it too. Haha. Glad she's having a blast.

I miss my boyfriend, miss my sister, miss my mummy, and having a great time here with my daddy. Time to go to sleep. See if my dad needs help with anything. Here's a picture of what love looks like from Nagaland. Night <3

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