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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

and this is how life looks like on the otherside. the otherside of the new year that is.


i have realised that if i want to blog, i cant be so incredibly inconsistent with it. blogging requires commitment. blah blah blah. you know, i havent decided just yet if i really want to blog or not. whatever the case, ushering in the new year was perfect, watchnight service with the family, a late night/early morning date with the love after. the first 3 days of the new year have embarked onto a rocking start.

i feel this is the year to settle down. no, i do not mean get married although, considering that finances are the only thing standing in our way, maybe we will get a big pre-wedding gift and actually get married. boy, that would be nice. i mean settling down in the sense as with myself. no, i am not marrying myself, not going to go all sue sylvester on anyone. learning the hard lesson of living within my means, not constantly taking advantage of the fact that i live under my parents roof. i'm 24 and studying, albeit all that, but it still doesnt warrant me to live like i'm 14. my parents pay for enough, i reckon. and i can do my part. determined to get my license by july, simply because my final theory test is one horror that i do not want to repeat. and that expires in july, and conveniently enough, so does my renewed PDL.

apart from that, i'm starting my own class with another studio. giving the chance to take control. and that will be one heck of a learning experience, i'm so grateful to have friends like miss tay and miss prawn to help me with a lot of the nitty gritty stuff. and of course the support for my wonderful family and the love of my life. its been a rocking start and i believe its going to be a rocking year. :)

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