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Monday, January 9, 2012

first day of school, and surprise surprise, there's already so much that has to be done. pity, the only thing i really would like to do right now is to go back to sleep. but i'm up, surprisingly ahead of usual schedule, i have my coffee flask waiting on the table, oh so professional, and in about 15 mins i intend to charge out into this new week in a blaze of glory. hah! praying i do not fall on my face.

the study room looks impressive, well, for most part. i stuck it out to the end, its roaring for a brand new start. i dont think i have ever thrown so many things away in my life. next thing to do is to move on to the fairly obstructed chest of drawers in the bedroom. that's going to be another week long affair, esp now that school has started.

all in all, i think this year is finally beginning and its going to be great, i don't think i have ever stepped into another year where everything was going well from the start. it's not a year that involves revamping oneself and starting a new. i actually do not need a fresh start this year, i'm going into the year with a loving man, on great terms with the family, and no one in my class hates me yet; at least i don't think. so yea, i can actually say "life is good" and mean it for once.

you got it, i'm just peachy! :D

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